30June, 2016
1Welcome - Doors openMorris Hosseini , Juliane Zielonka 14:00main stage
2Opening Remarks & Introduction Morris Hosseini , Juliane Zielonka 15:00main stage
3Inspiring keynote - Transforming healthcare in digital timesMikko Kiiskilä 15:15main stage
4Panel Discussion - How to implement innovation inside corporate cultures, importance of continuous changingBernd Laudahn , Jared Sebhatu , Tobias Meixner , Oliver Rong , Christian Krey , Juliane Zielonka 15:45main stage
5Active Break - Get involved while enjoying nice snacks16:30ground floor
6Interview - Challenges of implementation: how to work with innovationSebastian Sujka , Juliane Zielonka 17:45main stage
7Fireside Chat - Best practice implementation from a physician's experienceRobert Deisz, M.D. , Thilo Kaltenbach 18:15main stage
8Fireside Chat - Business Models that work in Digital HealthMin-Sung Sean Kim , Juliane Zielonka 18:35main stage
9Closing - SummaryJuliane Zielonka 18:55main stage
10Conclusion - With EM Quarter-finals Live Updates during dinner until 22:00Morris Hosseini , Thilo Kaltenbach , Juliane Zielonka 19:00upper floor